Data Gatherer

Hello Automation, Goodbye Manual Processes!

Data Gatherer eliminates the risk of losing important data. Our intuitive platform allows you to create custom forms and fields on the fly, assign users, and get started in under an hour.

Easily track anything from equipment inventory to warehouse management – it’s that simple!

Today’s market offers a plethora of software platforms catering to a variety of business needs – ERP, repair, CRM, data capture, and equipment tracking. However, is there a comprehensive, affordable solution that brings it all together for your repair company?

Our software goes beyond the basics of capturing equipment details on repairs, determining warranty coverage, and providing other essential features. Our vision is to extend the lifespan and efficiency of critical equipment, a goal shared by all MRO companies. What sets us apart is our commitment to long-term collaboration, which will help us develop functionalities that go beyond the essentials.

Together, we can unlock the full potential of the data captured, generating service tickets proactively and refining preventative maintenance plans.

Leveraging decades of experience in service tickets, contracts, and equipment management, Epiphany has harnessed the latest technology to create a platform that goes above and beyond. Our Data Gatherer (DG) software tool offers a fast, user-friendly way to aggregate and modify data from multiple sources, producing reports, spreadsheets, or integrating with other systems.

We want to work with your company to build those requirements beyond the basics.

Functionality features for Data Gatherer

Epiphany solutions are built with decades of expertise and focus on the equipment software industry. Epiphany has done the hard work, flushing out the depth of requirement and discovering how to harness our modules’ maturity while remaining flexible. Let us create a solution customized to your needs today!

Here’s what our clients have to say

When our original NetSuite Partner faltered, we were happy to find Epiphany to step in and lead our implementation. They’ve been our consultants ever since. After a few years, when we upgraded some functionalities to better manage our repair service work order process, the Epiphany team went to great lengths to understand our business processes and customize a solution for our needs.

Thomas E. Carlson – Commercial Service Solutions

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