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Epiphany is the go-to solution in aviation for all your maintenance and repair needs. We build powerful and intuitive cloud solutions to help you get more done.

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    Empowering Businesses: Our Clients Share Their Journey to Success

    [divi8_testimonial_carousel divi8_testimonial_autoplay=”off” divi8_testimonial_content_position=”layout3″ divi8_testimonial_rating_color=”#4151d6″ divi8_testimonial_nav_show_hide=”off” divi8_testimonial_arrow_show_hide=”off” module_class=”slider-testi” _builder_version=”4.10.7″ _module_preset=”default” text_font=”Poppins|600|||||||” text_text_color=”#02061e” text_font_size=”16px” position_font=”Poppins|600|||||||” position_text_color=”#02061e” position_font_size=”16px” content_font=”Poppins||||||||” content_text_color=”#02061e” content_font_size=”16px” content_line_height=”24px” custom_padding=”30px|30px|30px|30px|true|true” global_colors_info=”{}”][divi8_testimonial_carousel_item name=”Gregory C. Bihn – Technomedia International, Inc.” rating=”5″ description=”

    “While the support team at Oracle NetSuite provided a high-level support in getting us “out-the-door”, Epiphany provided the essential elements of our installation initiative. Without this level of support, I doubt if we would have been able to achieve our goal of going on-line in the time frame we identified.”

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    “Since we have a specialty labor/parts service type business it has been difficult to find a software package designed specifically for our type of business. Epiphany has found the right solutions for us and also met the financial parameters that were within our budget range. I am impressed.”

    ” _builder_version=”4.10.7″ _module_preset=”default” global_colors_info=”{}”][/divi8_testimonial_carousel_item][divi8_testimonial_carousel_item name=”Mike Nydell – COO Teric Technology” rating=”5″ description=”

    Our partnership with Epiphany has been a fantastic journey. They bring to the table an innate ability to dissect business objectives, a depth of knowledge in NetSuite specifically, and overall ERP expertise. It’s a pleasure working hand-in-hand with a company that is as customer-obsessed as we are, and we look forward to our continued relationship.

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    We have everything you need

    Effortless Work Order
    Management Made Easy

    Simplify your work orders from start to finish with our automated workflows. Create and assign jobs effortlessly, track real-time technician progress, and seamlessly gather compliance documentation for a stress-free closure — all on a single platform.

    Empower Your Teams
    with Meaningful Insights:

    Drive informed decision-making with cloud-powered visibility, enabling your teams to act on operational intelligence. Explore our powerful custom dashboards, personalized KPIs, and flexible reporting modules to effortlessly track, visualize, and deliver maintenance value.

    Stay Ahead of Potential Problems
    with Predictive Insights:

    Drive proactive maintenance actions using AI/ML-driven analytics. Our intuitive modules analyze real-time and historical data, predicting deep trends to enhance asset reliability and empower you to stay ahead of potential problems.

    Simplify Parts Management
    with Unified Tracking:

    Navigate complexity with ease using our unified parts tracking solution. Access a birds-eye view of teams, locations, and jobs, simplifying individual piece search, usage tracking, and depletion forecasting to optimize inventory spend and fuel bottom-line growth.

    Transform Your Business with Epiphany


    increase in equipment utilization using automated processes


    extension of equipment lifetime by consistent preventative maintenance


    reduction in downtime by capturing damage detail, knowledge of repetitive mistakes and managing unit history


    maximized ROI by streamlining processes, fewer unplanned repairs and better reporting

    Elevating the Standards with Better Features and Stellar Service


    Multiside dashboards and reporting

    Customized to your unique needs

    Endless integrations in the cloud

    Robust Compliance documentation

    Real-time work order tracking

    Predictive and perspective analysis

    Automated reporting workflows


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