Partnering with Epiphany

Why Partner with Epiphany?

Understanding our value proposition and how we can help each other. While Epiphany helps you to grow your business, we hope our mutually beneficial relationship will uncover future opportunities. 

Reduced Sales Cycle

Epiphany works closely with the client to understand their unique business idiosyncrasies and then tailors demos specifically for them. The result is the client visualizes the solution, understands the approach, and they can’t wait to get started.

Increased Close Probability

Epiphany’s deep and wide knowledge gives your clients the confidence to move forward. When your clients are comfortable with your ability to deliver, the probability of closing opportunities is higher.

Broadened Market

NetSuite is a great platform, but there are some significant limitations with the out-of-the-box functionality. Epiphany has closed those gaps for equipment customers, which allows you to attract more clients. An increased target market means more sales.


Platform Approach

Epiphany’s product line uses an approach that allows clients ultimate flexibility and configuration for their unique workflows and business logic. The platform and multitude of available components allow for a speedy, well-tested implementation without sacrificing functionality.

Trusted Advisors

Epiphany has almost 20 years’ experience as industry experts. Our MRO skillset and general equipment knowledge gives customers the confidence that their implementation will get done and get done right.


Business Analysts

If your team is short-handed, our analysts and functional experts are ready to assist. We can join you as a unified front for pre-sales and client calls to support and advise. Leverage our expertise and experience in your team so that you can get more sales with fewer resources.

Here’s what our partners have to say

Our partnership with Epiphany has been a fantastic journey. They bring to the table an innate ability to dissect business objectives, a depth of knowledge in NetSuite specifically, and overall ERP expertise. It’s a pleasure working hand-in-hand with a company that is as customer-obsessed as we are, and we look forward to our continued relationship.

Mike Nydell – COO Teric Technology

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