A little can go a long way in terms of showing appreciation to those who help make your business a success! Read on to discover five ways you can show how thankful you are.

1. Offer flexible work hours.
Nothing says “thank you” like a flexible schedule. It’s a perk that offers that most gain for the least pain. Giving a little latitude in determining work schedules allowing employees to take time for family or personal issues let’s you say thanks in a big way!

2. Publicize their successes.
If someone has done something really worthwhile, have your entire staff give them a standing ovation or simply publicly recognize them at the next meeting. And for those with field staff, recognize them via email and conference calls.

3. Send a handwritten note.
 Have your executive team write personalized notes recognizing employees and letting them know just how much their contributions mean to your business. It will not only put a pep in their step, but the kind words will stick with them (increasing motivation and loyalty at work) well into next year.

4. Feed their motivation. 
Consider footing the bill for a catered lunch (great for your field staff) or even just have executives push around a cart doling out coffee and other goodies. This allows employees to come together to relax and communicate over a meal and gives your teams a chance to know who they’re working for.

5. Let them play hooky.
Provide your employees with a certain number of free days off to use as they see fit. They can go shopping, play with their kids, read a book…it doesn’t matter. Ensuring your employees have time off without having to call in sick reduces stress and provides the whole company with a better life/work balance.

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