Contract Management Powered by NetSuite

Reduce risk and ensure compliance with Epiphany’s NetSuite contract management.

Manage your equipment contract and renewals through Epiphany’s sophisticated and automated contract management software powered by NetSuite.

Contract Management Software Powered by NetSuite

Hardware as a service has revolutionized how some of the world’s most vital companies innovate their technology and stay current. Whether you’ve been in the hardware provider business or are looking to transition, Epiphany creates customized NetSuite contract management systems to streamline your operations and increase margins. Automate maintenance, reduce the need for emergency repairs, and give your customers the service that no one else can.

A completely configured and tested NetSuite contract management solution makes it easy to modernize any operation, no matter your size or unique needs. Our solutions allow you to manage warranty coverages, entitlements, usage billing, and more, all within one system. We provide straightforward software, easy implementation, and ongoing support to ensure your success. It’s now more viable than ever to make cloud technology work for you and your customers.

We believe in simplifying contract management powered by NetSuite, so that you can focus on your people, clients, and profitability.

Explore configured NetSuite contract management solutions.

Our software’s range of features helps you manage warranties, coverages, renewals and customer relations with ease. Choose from 4 levels of functionality based on your contract management needs.

Epiphany solutions are built with decades of expertise and focus on the equipment software industry. Epiphany has done the hard work, flushing out the depth of requirement and discovering how to harness our modules’ maturity while remaining flexible. Let us create a solution customized to your needs today!

Extending NetSuite Capabilities with Epiphany

An End-to-End Solution

Experience warranty, coverage, renewals, and complex billing all working together – streamlined, automated and efficient.


Increase Revenues

Discover the ability for the repair team to have a clear view and understanding of what is covered allowing the team to bill repairs correctly, rather than default to free work because of uncertainty.

More Sales

Plan automated renewals to ensure that this revenue stream is accurate and billed correctly ensuring this line of business produces the sales income available.

Prevent Downtime and Maximize Profit

Uncover the full capability of Hardware as a Service (HaaS) greatly reducing emergency repairs and keeping equipment running at 100%.

Here’s what our clients have to say

“Epiphany and their contract management bundle made NetSuite our Cloud.– They took what was a month-long process to manage and bill our monthly contracts and condensed the workload down to about a week and a half, a time savings of approximately 105 hours per month or approximately $31,500.00 per year.”

Tom Heideman – MasterGraphics, Inc.

“Previously managing our software renewals could take up to 5 days for a large complex contract. Our contract renewals now capture everything a customer has purchased throughout the year on one new contract with a coterminous end date.”

Todd Pruner – Uplogix

We’re here to help you utilize the power of Epiphany’s contract management powered by NetSuite to revolutionize your business operations. Become part of the next generation of manufacturers to bring in recurring revenue using our HaaS software.

 Does your business model not fit any of the above? No fear, Epiphany software is completely customizable because it is powered by NetSuite. Contact us today.

Leverage our NetSuite expertise for your business needs.

Hardware providers across the globe trust Epiphany to provide easy-to-use, innovative solutions to keep them operating at 100%. When it comes to utilizing the cloud’s range of features, from NetSuite purchase contracts to NetSuite procurement, no business’s demands are too unique. Let us help you do what no competitor can: create a customized, all-in-one NetSuite contract management system to meet your needs.

Along with contract management, take a look at Epiphany’s repair management and project profitability solutions. Connect with our experienced NetSuite consultants to gain all the necessary equipment management insight.

Questions on Epiphany’s contract management solution? We can help.