Epiphany Platform & Modules

Make it YOUR Cloud with Epiphany’s Platform & Modules

Discover our prebuilt and interchangeable modules designed as building blocks upon a flexible platform. Let Epiphany customize your cloud to fit your unique business needs.

What is an Epiphany Module?

Epiphany’s modules are the essential building blocks to manage your equipment-centric business effectively. Built on decades of expertise and industry focus, our modules serve as custom assets atop the Epiphany platform, enabling you to fully customize your business processes and make it your unique cloud. We’ve meticulously crafted these modules to address the specific needs of your industry while remaining flexible and adaptable to your evolving requirements.

Epiphany Platform

Epiphany Platform

Epiphany’s platform serves as the foundation for our modules to run seamlessly in your environment. It empowers you to adapt quickly, reduce costs, and select new features to upgrade while tailoring the modules to align with your business processes, making it truly your Cloud.



Epiphany Modules

Our modules result from years of experience working with unique businesses, providing comprehensive solutions that completely customize NetSuite’s cloud features to align with your business strategy. From billing plans and dispatch to budgets and job costing, our modules expand NetSuite to make it work personally for you. With Epiphany modules, you can choose the functionality you need, including all the bells and whistles, to manage your equipment-centric business efficiently.

Custom Additions

Custom Additions 

While Epiphany offers expertly configured solutions tailored to specific industries and providers, we understand that many operations require unique functionalities. With our modules, you have the flexibility to choose the functionality you need and customize it according to your preferences. Make NetSuite’s cloud your cloud – our team is here to provide customization through scripting and workflow while supporting and training you along the way.

Real-World Industry Applications

Leverage the Epiphany Platform based on NetSuite to meet the needs of your industry across various sectors, including:



Epiphany has over a decade of Hardware as a Service (HaaS) experience. You can do the following:

  • Make more money from your equipment with a new subscription model called HaaS
  • Streamline your billing
    • Standard monthly
    • Tiered
    • Duration
    • Usage
    • Custom
  • Stabilize your business model from the ups and downs of the market

Heavy Equipment

Install, Repair, & Rent

  • Manage installation, technicians, repair, billing, contract management, and more
  • Manage and bill contracts including all coverages/entitlements
  • Preventive Maintenance (PM)
    • Simple dashboards to manage the cycle
    • Gain efficiencies by tying an emergency repair a PM
    • Manage your depot repair cycle including advanced replacement, loaners, etc.
    • Manage the entire rental cycle from booking, installation, pick, and returns to billing and post-inspection

    Power Management | Battery

    Install & Repair

    Epiphany can handle all your complex needs, unlike many “standard” field service software packages.

    • Flexible scheduling
      • Across many days, skipping days, partial day scheduling and more
      • Crews can be different per day as well
    • Efficiencies
      • Schedule compatible preventative maintenance with emergency service work orders (TAG Work Orders)
      • Utilize Tech Portal for technicians to have the most efficient work schedule
    • Track equipment and parts
      • Know what’s in the van
      • Know what is requested, what is used and what is to be returned to reduce shrinkage

    Computer | Hardware
    Security | AV

    Building Process & Install & Repair

    Epiphany’s service work orders combined with Epiphany project budgeting allows you to manage the installation of the project while managing the project budget.

    • Track servers (units)
      • Know the exact site of the server – Address, Building, Room, Rack
      • Know exactly what is on the server
      • Know who changed what on that server and when
    • Repair
      • Field Service for emergency repair and preventative maintenance
      • Repair In House
      • Advanced Replacement
      • Loaners ​

    Aviation MRO

    Real World Industry Application

    Choose Epiphany to streamline your company’s processes and improve your bottom line. 

    • Trust the wise industry experts at Epiphany to keep you up-to-date with government regulations like the FAA8130
    • Simplify complex MRO shop systems with our new offering, Data Gatherer – a fast and simple way to aggregate and modify data from multiple sources
    • Get customized output in the form of reports, spreadsheets, or integration to another system for easy use
    • Say goodbye to lost loaner spreadsheets and use Data Gatherer to eliminate the risk of losing important data

    Questions on Epiphany modules? We can help.