Loaner Management

Easily track the location and value of your loaners

Manage your loaner DATA. Know the where, what & why of your equipment.
Has your company ever experienced a loss from loaners because the spreadsheet used to track was owned by someone no longer there, and now no one can find that sheet? ConnectX can eliminate this issue quickly and easily.
ConnectX tool allows you to manage your equipment easily; track loaners, their value, and due dates all on one sleek screen.

Equipment management becomes a breeze – track equipment, loan it out, charge for loans, receive payment, and get the equipment back with ease.

Our customer lost over $500,000 in equipment before calling Epiphany to make money on loaners.

Functionality features for Loaner Management

Epiphany solutions are built with decades of expertise and focus on the equipment software industry. Epiphany has done the hard work, flushing out the depth of requirement and discovering how to harness our modules’ maturity while remaining flexible. Let us create a solution customized to your needs today!

Here’s what our clients have to say

When our original NetSuite Partner faltered, we were happy to find Epiphany to step in and lead our implementation. They’ve been our consultants ever since. After a few years, when we upgraded some functionalities to better manage our repair service work order process, the Epiphany team went to great lengths to understand our business processes and customize a solution for our needs.

Thomas E. Carlson – Commercial Service Solutions

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