Streamline Your Equipment-Centric Business with Epiphany Modules

Gain comprehensive insights into your equipment’s lifecycle with our unit-centric platform. From maintenance history to warranty coverage, our platform provides a holistic view of your equipment’s details, regardless of ownership.

Manufacturing Connect

Enhance production planning, quality control, bill of materials management, and streamline make-to-stock and make-to-order processes.

  • + Production Planning
  • + Quality Control
  • + Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • + Make to Stock
  • + Make to Order

Manufacturing Connect Videos

MRO Connect

Efficiently manage service work orders, in-house repairs, field service operations, preventive maintenance, and service templates for enhanced efficiency.

  • + Service Work Orders
  • + In House Repairs
  • + Field Service
  • + Preventive Maintenance
  • + Service Template

MRO Connect Videos

Supply Chain Connect

Optimize demand forecasting, inventory management, warehouse operations, and supply chain analytics to ensure seamless operations.

  • + Demand Forecast & Planning
  • + Inventory Management
  • + Warehouse Management
  • + Supply Chain Analytics

Supply Chain Connect Videos


Empower your team to create and modify custom records, replace spreadsheets with a secure multi-user tool, and seamlessly integrate multiple systems for enhanced collaboration.

  • + Create & Modify custom' records
  • + Replace spreadsheets with a secure multi-user tool
  • + Integrate many systems easily

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Contracts Connect

Streamline warranty management, handle multiple coverages, automate renewals, and customize billing options for improved contract management.

  • + Warranty
  • + Multiple Coverages
  • + Renewals
  • + Flexible Billing

Contracts Connect Videos


  • + Life Cycle
  • + Maintenance History
  • + Preventative Maintenance
  • + Warranty & Coverage
  • + Site
  • + Security & Access Info

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Fully Customizable

Our modules are the cornerstone of your equipment-centric business, custom-built to align with your unique processes and strategies. From billing plans to job costing, our modules expand NetSuite’s cloud features to cater to your specific needs.

Tailored for Every Business

While we offer expertly configured solutions tailored to specific industries and providers, we understand that each operation is unique. With Epiphany modules, you have the flexibility to choose the functionality you need, ensuring that NetSuite’s cloud becomes your cloud. Our team is dedicated to providing customization through scripting and workflow, coupled with comprehensive support and training.

Experience the Power of Epiphany Modules and Transform Your MRO Operations Today!