Project Profitability Powered by NetSuite

Understand Your Margin and Increase Your Project Profitability

A customizable, industry-specific financial management software for business - Built for NetSuite, helping businesses automate processes, streamline profitability, and get ahead.

Project Profitability Powered by NetSuite

As industries modernize and grow more competitive, it’s time to move project profitability monitoring and reporting out of the spreadsheets. If your business is installing equipment where you are fulfilling jobs and orders, then tracking where the losses occur during these jobs should be just as active as the work itself. At Epiphany, we provide tailor-made NetSuite Project Profitability solutions that make it easy to track the project budgets and job costing of every project. We help you monitor your company’s most important financial metrics in real-time.

Gone are the days of waiting for after-the-fact financial reports to make educated, vital business decisions. Automate inefficient manual processes and get immediate project profitability with details such as expense, budget, and deep project reporting insights. Epiphany provides straightforward, end-to-end project profitability management software for businesses with support, training, and implementation. With Epiphany’s unparalleled project budgeting, job costing, and on-the-spot estimate-actual-forecast remaining reporting, you can stay one step ahead of your losses and the competition.

We believe in simplifying project profitability so that you can focus on your team and clients.

Explore configured NetSuite project profitability solutions.

Our software’s range of features makes tracking job costing, budgets, contract costing, and profitability easy. All in real time. Choose from 4 levels of functionality based on your needs.

Epiphany solutions are built with decades of expertise and focus on the equipment software industry. Epiphany has done the hard work, flushing out the depth of requirement and discovering how to harness our modules’ maturity while remaining flexible. Let us create a solution customized to your needs today!

Extending NetSuite Capabilities with Epiphany


Instant Project Profitability

Know the project profitability by simply reviewing a graph.


Track Many Versions of A Budget

Need to work with many options until the project is sold? We’ve got that.

Estimate-Actual-Forecast Remaining

How much time is left for this project? How much money? Our reporting makes this easy to know.

Total Project Profitability

Centralize your project tracking systems into one dashboard, and save time by importing financial data from other areas within your NetSuite account.

Here’s what our clients have to say

“Epiphany are true experts and have been wonderful partners. From our project’s initiation, they demonstrated a high level of expertise and flexibility in creating solutions tailored to our business. In the last two years, Epiphany utilities have yielded efficiencies that have saved us well over $125K in labor costs and greatly improved our level of insight into business operations.”

Justin Taylor – Supply Chain Director at Liquid Web

 Does your business model not fit any of the above? No fear, Epiphany’s Project Profitability software is completely customizable to your business. Contact us today.

NetSuite project profitability solutions configured by Epiphany to fit your needs.

Extend NetSuite ERP capabilities and find the project profitability package that works best for your business. Customize your solution by choosing the number of products and services you need, with no extra frills.

Along with project profitability, take a look at Epiphany’s  repair management and contract management solutions. Our experienced NetSuite consultants are eager to share their equipment management insight with your team.

Questions on project profitability solutions? We can help.