Rental Management Powered by NetSuite

End-to-End Rental Management Solution Powered  by NetSuite

Our full-featured NetSuite Rental Management Solution allows companies to manage the entire rental cycle. Manage availability, booking, reservations, delivery, installation, returns, partial and full billing, inspection, and repair.

Rental & Repair Management Solution Powered by NetSuite

Heavy and complex rentals require top-notch rental management, field service management, repair management, and complex billing.  Epiphany’s heavy equipment rental management software powered by NetSuite, involves knowing when the unit is available and where your equipment is at all times. Create and manage processes for delivery/pick up, on-site preventative maintenance, inspection, field service repair, etc.

We know our competitors have the ability to reserve and bill the equipment. Where Epiphany shines, however, is in the ability to manage deliveries as well as service and repair, all while working directly inside of NetSuite.  Does this equipment need preventative maintenance while it is being rented? If it went down while out in the field, can you manage the field service requirements to repair in the field? Rental managers must be able to quickly pull codes, contacts, dress requirements, and more to ensure proper use and care of equipment.   

We have found that Epiphany stands alone in its deep knowledge of preventative maintenance and rental units. Epiphany is the top NetSuite rental management solution.

Explore configured Epiphany rental for NetSuite management solutions.

Our software’s range of functionality features makes your rental management full-featured, no matter what your complexity. Choose a solution from 3 levels of accessibility configured by Epiphany experts to include every capability you might need. 

Epiphany solutions are built with decades of expertise and focus on the equipment software industry. Epiphany has done the hard work, flushing out the depth of requirement and discovering how to harness our modules’ maturity while remaining flexible. Let us create a solution customized to your needs today!

Extending NetSuite Capabilities with Epiphany

Rental Availability

Our Rental Calendar will accommodate current and future bookings, including inspection periods to easily see rental availability.


EASILY MARK rental units as needing inspection or not. Those that do need inspection can have a simple template which will automatically add all parts and/or tasks needed.


Partial & Full Return/Billing

Customers may return all or some of a rental booking. Easily bill a monthly rental by the week or day as needed for a partial return.


Rental units break. Track your in-house repair, preventative maintenance, or field service repair.

Delivery & Pickup:

Some rental units require your careful and deliberate process for delivery and pickup – ours is fully integrated with our rental process.


Some rental units need an entire installation process. Track technicians’ time to train your customer about the rental unit.

Here’s what our clients have to say

With 5 different locations and a lot of rental assets, we were so grateful for the Epiphany rentals module.  We use the calendar to view what is available at each of our locations and then our techs have clear directions as to when and where each valve needs to be installed. We can also bill directly and know when rental contracts are overdue.

Mayela G. – Oil and Gas

Your business model doesn’t fit any of the above? No fear, you can choose any of the above and also select from the following additional rental for NetSuite functionality:

• Log time outside of NS
• Track skills per person
• Mobile field service
• Preventative maintenance
• Warranty and Coverage
• Installation profitability

Our many options are available for your unique NetSuite service and repair needs.

Epiphany has extensive experience working with NetSuite’s leading cloud technology. This has allowed Epiphany to create entirely customized NetSuite rental management configurations. It is an industry-specific solution made to meet the distinct requirements of your business.

Questions on rental & repair management solutions? We can help.