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Introducing ConnectX 

At Epiphany, we understand the importance of efficient data management in modern business operations. That’s why we’ve developed ConnectX, a revolutionary solution designed to elevate your data management processes to new heights. Whether you’re tracking equipment, managing warranties, or handling repairs, ConnectX offers unparalleled flexibility and functionality.

ConnectX empowers you to:

  • Streamline Data Entry
  • Edit & Track Data Effortlessly
  • Access Cost-Effective & Offline Capabilities

Ready to experience the transformative power of ConnectX for yourself?

Tailored Solutions for Aviation MRO

Looking for a perfectly configured solution to level up your current MRO equipment management system? Select from Epiphany’s repair management, project profitability, and contract management solutions – curated with your equipment management needs in mind.

Help ensure your account and products are running smoothly with our MRO consulting services

Repair Management

Manage equipment repair, warranty coverage, and unit maintenance seamlessly with our Repair Management solution. Our software simplifies repair processes, ensuring smooth depot operations and minimizing downtime.

Project Profitability

Gain valuable insights into job costing, project budgets, and Work In Progress (WIP) with our Project Profitability solution. From expense tracking to detailed project reporting, our software provides real-time financial visibility.

Contract Management

Automate warranty coverages, entitlements, usage billing, and renewals with Contract Management solutions. Our software streamlines contract management processes, reducing compliance risks and ensuring operational efficiency.

What Epiphany can bring


increase in equipment utilization using automated processes


reduction in downtime by capturing damage detail, knowledge of repetitive mistakes and managing unit history


extension of equipment lifetime by consistent preventative maintenance


maximized ROI by streamlining processes, fewer unplanned repairs and better reporting

Want complete customizability? Make it your own.

Discover Epiphany Modules

Our innovative modules build into NetSuite, make aligning your business strategies with their processes possible. Completely customizable, modules are the perfect answer for businesses whose functionality needs don’t fit a specific solution configuration.

Using the depth of our multiple modules, your company can create a completely tailored solution to fit your unique business needs and make it your own. We focus on equipment management, project profitability, rental, warranty, coverage, and unique billing needs.

About Epiphany

For nearly two decades, Epiphany has led the charge in revolutionizing MRO management across industries. As pioneers in project profitability, contract management, and repair solutions, we’re dedicated to empowering businesses like yours to thrive in the ever-evolving world of maintenance, repair, and operations.

 Why Epiphany?

  • Industry Leadership: With a track record of success spanning telecom, medical, oil & gas, and more, Epiphany is your trusted partner for innovative MRO solutions.
  • Cutting-edge Solutions: Our tailored approach ensures that your business receives the most effective solutions, from repair management to project profitability.
  • Thought Leadership: Our team of MRO experts is committed to sharing industry insights and best practices, keeping you ahead of the curve.

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Make MRO Work for You

Arm your equipment management business with more than just ‘out of the box’ MRO.

Let Epiphany experts guide you to the perfect solution, whether it’s pre-configured solutions or completely custom modules. We’re here to optimize your software for success.

Here’s what our clients have to say

“While the support team at Oracle NetSuite provided a high-level support in getting us “out-the-door”, Epiphany provided the essential elements of our installation initiative. Without this level of support, I doubt if we would have been able to achieve our goal of going on-line in the time frame we identified.”

Gregory C. Bihn – Technomedia International, Inc.

“Since we have a specialty labor/parts service type business it has been difficult to find a software package designed specifically for our type of business. Epiphany has found the right solutions for us and also met the financial parameters that were within our budget range. I am impressed.”

Dirk- Vice President

“The Epiphany team is easy to work with. They’re professional. They understand our
business, and they understand NetSuite and what could be done with it.”

Bill Griffin – Executive Vice President of Information Technology, Parkell

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