While we’ve all heard stories about the major benefits of aviation MRO tracking and analytics, let’s pause for a moment. Why is it advantageous to invest in data-powered systems and analytics technology?

When you get down to exploring the premise of it all, you might feel like asking: what’s the point of tracking? If that’s the case, then this article was written just for you. Let’s examine the maintenance benefits that you can derive via effective tracking and analysis processes, and better understand why analytics, tracking, and software-based solutions are truly worth it for aviation MRO,

Harness Predictive Power With IoT

The first key benefit that MRO software can unlock for aviation vendors is the ability to conduct real-time data analysis. With the increasing use of IoT technology in maintenance, remote sensors and other data-gathering technologies are able to collect vast amounts of information about the state and condition of an aircraft.

Let’s stop there for a moment and offer a quick primer on Internet of Things (IoT) technology. IoT sensors are small, connected devices that can be attached to aircraft or aircraft components to gather data on their performance and condition. This data could then be transmitted in real-time to various MRO teams who’d now be able to monitor the health of the aircraft and identify potential issues.

What That Could Look Like

For example, IoT sensors can be used to monitor the performance of aircraft engines, to track the usage and condition of specific components, or to monitor the temperature and pressure of various systems on the aircraft. This data can be used to generate predictive and prescriptive insights that would otherwise go unnoticed. You can perform proactive engine maintenance to add time to asset life, forecast and prevent costly breakdowns, and otherwise improve the overall efficiency of your MRO operations.

Visibility Like Never Before

Another powerful advantage of data-powered operations is downstream visibility and cross-functional transparency. It’s almost like software is able to build a web of connectivity, bridging the gaps between disparate and isolated MRO operations. This can have a huge impact on collaborative and communication-related outcomes, ultimately enhancing the holistic performance of your teams.

Why It Works

So, why is high visibility between teams so much better than an old, disconnected structure? Well, to understand this we’ll need to explore traditional MRO operations. Typically, vendors wil have several different teams who are likely working on different tasks, using different tools, and reporting with different systems.

All of that difference can make it especially difficult for upstream stakeholders to consolidate, analyze, and relay real-time insight to those teams. This leads to missed opportunities, as well as delays and disruptions throughout the MRO process. With tracking software, however, MRO teams are able to gain better visibility into the downstream effects of their work, meaning everyone can better understand how their tasks fit into the larger MRO operation.

The Benefits of Visibility

So what kind of benefits can you expect tracking and analysis to yield? First, it will immediately and drastically improve communication and coordination between your teams; once the workflows have been set up and automated, information will flow like never before! By effect of this newfound source of truth, teams will start making wiser, business-smart decisions, reducing the risk of potential errors or obstacles.

Additionally, software can be used to share real-time data and updates on the status of maintenance tasks, which can help to ensure that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals. In this way, software can help to improve cross-team collaboration in MRO operations, and can lead to better overall efficiency. By providing downstream and cross-functional visibility, software can promote MRO teams to work together more effectively and achieve better results.

Why Epiphany

It’s clear that software-powered tracking and analysis offers major value for maintenance affairs, but our solutions here at Epiphany take that to a whole new level. Created uniquely with aviation and aerospace needs in mind, our MRO solution captures the sheer power of software, all while preserving key elements that we value: customizability and intuitive design.

This means that Epiphany users can build the digital toolkit they want, and then easily integrate it with their operations to initialize their own system of growth. We want our solution to fit your needs like a glove, which is why we tailor-make every system. After working with you to understand how your business operates, we craft a personalized roadmap to walk through what we think will work for you. Come explore a powerful and flexible tool and streamline MRO operations forever with Epiphany.