Repair Management

Fast-Track Your Service Repair Business

Fast-track your service business with a configured repair management solution adapting to any repair business. Epiphany’s Repair Management solution helps companies streamline their entire business operations.

Repair & Warranty Solution for MROs

Since 2002 we’ve worked to develop a framework for repair businesses, servicing some of the world’s heaviest, most vital and costly equipment units. We tailor-fit MRO bells and whistles to address the unique demands of your operation.
Unlike the servers, turbines, and other equipment you deal with, Epiphany’s repair management, need not be complex and complicated. Streamline depot repair operations with Epiphany’s repair management software can be configured to be unique to YOUR business and become your unique “special sauce”. Our team provides you with a straightforward, centralized repair management solution that accommodates all areas of repair from back to stock, advanced replacement, loaners, and field service.

We believe in handling the entire repair process, streamlining the repair process to greatly reduce repeat work.

Explore configured Epiphany repair management solutions.

Our software’s range of functionality features makes your repair management full featured, no matter what your complexity. Choose a solution from 4 levels of accessibility configured by Epiphany experts to include every capability you might need.

Epiphany solutions are built with decades of expertise and focus on the equipment software industry. Epiphany has done the hard work, flushing out the depth of requirement and discovering how to harness our modules’ maturity while remaining flexible. Let us create a solution customized to your needs today!

Extending MRO Capabilities with Epiphany

Prevent Downtime and Maximize Profit

Eliminate emergency repairs and keep equipment running at 100%. Our software streamlines preventative maintenance to increase equipment uptime.

Parts Traceability

Do you need to know where your parts originate, be able to track when a part was added and/or which unit has that part? We’ve got you covered.


Maintain Visibility

Epiphany gives you an overview of all your repairs from a centralized dashboard, leaving no item out in the discovery process.

Track Everyone’s Unit

Need to track a unit that you didn’t sell? No problem, you can track anyone’s and everyone’s unit as needed.

Here’s what our clients have to say

When our original NetSuite Partner faltered, we were happy to find Epiphany to step in and lead our implementation. They’ve been our consultants ever since. After a few years, when we upgraded some functionalities to better manage our repair service work order process, the Epiphany team went to great lengths to understand our business processes and customize a solution for our needs.

Thomas E. Carlson – Commercial Service Solutions

Your business model doesn’t fit any of the above? No fear, you can choose any of the above and also select from the following additional repair functionality

• Log time outside of NS
• Track skills per person
• Mobile field service
• Preventative maintenance
• Warranty and Coverage
• Installation profitability

Our many options are available for your unique repair needs.

Epiphany’s extensive experience of working with NetSuite’s leading cloud technology has led to the development of entirely customized MRO repair management configurations. It is an industry-specific solution made to meet the distinct requirements of your business.

Along with repair management, take a look at Epiphany’s project profitability and contract management solutions. Our experienced MRO consultants are prepared to share their wisdom and discoveries with you.

Questions on repair management solutions? We can help.