Big things are happening in the aerospace MRO world, and maintenance providers need to stay agile as new and powerful technologies emerge. Quick adapting to the latest digital innovation could supercharge your operations and enable you to deliver better service.

However, it can be challenging to keep up with all the latest trends in aerospace maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO). Where can you find trusted information? Don’t worry: we’re here to help! Let’s discuss three cutting-edge digital trends currently on the rise in the aviation MRO space, and explore how you can leverage them to transform your business.

Democratizing Data

The first trend that we’ll look at is the democratization of data. Powered by innovative strides in cloud computing technology, MRO providers can now integrate different parts of their business into a single, unified data environment. This effectively creates a global source of truth for your business, a place where information can flow in and out of freely.

Why It’s Important

This sort of data management can be especially powerful for players in the aerospace maintenance industry. First, it standardizes and consolidates all your data-related activities into a centralized warehouse. That means more efficient and effective reporting workflows, and faster access to information for anyone who needs it.

Democratized data can also lead to massive operational improvements because everyone is reading from the same book. It means you never deal with redundant or inaccurate information, and decision makers can quickly make assessments without pulling data from several different sources. As we get into later trends, we’ll see how cloud technologies can generate even more value for aviation MRO providers.

IoT Innovation

The next major development we’ll look at comes through Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology. In a general sense, IoT-based inventions are able to talk to other devices via the internet – while still satisfying their primary function; one common example is the Ring doorbell.

Why It’s Important

As this trend shifts towards aerospace and maintenance, industrial applications (IIoT) and sensors are changing the way that MRO providers make decisions. The connective nature of this technology has proven to be massively useful for analysis; you can gather more, higher quality data to analyze and evaluate your operations.

For instance, you can place an IIoT sensor on your engine to track and store key measurements in real-time – like temperature, oil levels, and virtually anything else. This data will always be updated to the cloud, and it’ll let your teams proactively detect and solve problems before they arise.

Analytics Meets Aviation

Aviation MRO is a high-pressure business: providers need to quickly repair equipment and get it flightworthy, but balance that urgency with the need to keep costs low. It’s no surprise that players are looking for ways to get ahead of the game. What if you could predict exactly when your landing gear will fail? With advanced analytics, this is becoming a reality!

Why It’s Important

Predictive analytics and its use-cases in maintenance have enabled providers to predict the future. Using the power of statistical modeling and machine learning, software tools can now learn and recognize complex patterns hidden deep within large batches of data. As they’re given more information to assess, they develop a better and more accurate understanding of it. Combined with the power of IoT and cloud, aviation MRO solutions can instantly capture, analyze, and extract valuable insight from large volumes of data in a unified environment.

Over time, analytics will get so advanced that it will be capable of predicting it all: what will break down, when it will happen, and even what spare parts you should order now to be prepared! This kind of tool can generate immeasurable value for MRO operations, and the numbers back it up. Those who have implemented high-quality analytics to their maintenance affairs report an average return-on-investment (ROI) of 1,000%.

Preparing For Takeoff

Technology is taking over the world. In nearly every industry, digital tools are empowering businesses to deliver higher quality services more effectively, and aerospace MRO is no different.

The growth of cloud-based computing is offering a cost-effective avenue to capture high-volumes of data in a universal library, and IIoT innovation provides an endless source of real-time information to populate that library. Combined with the power of predictive analytics, these three trends are converging into an outsized opportunity for MRO providers to generate value!

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